Plant a mini orchard

Feijoas, apples or citrus? There's plenty of fruit suited to smaller spaces! If you’ve got a vision, we’ve got the know-how.
  • Win a mini orchard

    Win a mini orchard

    Enter to win a mini orchard pack including all the goodies you need for fruit tree success!
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  • Choosing the perfect citrus variety

    Choosing the perfect citrus variety

    Citrus trees will add extra zest to your garden and culinary delights! Before planting, check out the varieties of citrus on offer and pick one that best suits your garden and cooking needs. Below are some of our top picks.
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  • Christine's Lemon Brownies

    Christine's Lemon Brownies

    If you're wondering what to do with all the extra lemons in your backyard, Christine has shared with us her delicious lemon brownie recipe. Combining both the rind and the juice, it's sure to be a hit with the whole family.
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  • August Garden Guide

    August Garden Guide

    With spring only a month away there's plenty to do in the garden. It's time to start thinking about preparing and planning for spring planting, including sprouting your seed potatoes to ensure a Christmas harvest.
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